Lisa Boalt Richardson
Lisa Boalt Richardson: Tea Expert
“Tea time is anytime”, states Lisa Boalt Richardson of Lisa Knows Tea. Ms. Richardson is the author of Tea with a Twist, Entertaining and Cooking with Tea. She travels the country speaking at conferences and special events focusing on her culinary arts and specialty tea expertise. She has spoken at places such as the World Tea Expo, Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show, and Emory University.

Advancing to the highest level of achievement, Lisa is one of the first 15 in the world to graduate from the Specialty Tea Institute with a “Certified Tea Specialist” title in 2008. In addition, she is trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington in Tea and Etiquette and has served as President of the Southern Association of Tea Businesses.

She has contributed to publications including Cooking with Paula Deen and her tea expertise and recipes have been featured in numerous national publications such as Brand Week Magazine, Diabetes Forecast, and Stars and Stripes Newspaper. Lisa’s second book, The World in Your Teacup, Celebrating Tea and Traditions Near and Far will be released January 2010. For more information you may visit
  • Best Bone China Teapots
    Since tea is not only my business but also my passion; I can spend hours shopping for all things tea. Bone china teapots are on the top on my list because they are not only eye-catching, but they are functional as well.

    Bone china is the English version of porcelain. To some, it is regarded as the highest quality and best china money can buy. In 1799, Josiah Spode II invented bone china. He discovered that by mixing bone ashes with clay, it could be fired at a lower temperature than porcelain but maintain its durability and delicate look. The end result is a brilliant white, highly translucent, delicate but extremely strong piece of ceramic. It has become the most well liked type of porcelain in the United States and Britain.

    Bone china teapots should be considered an investment, as some can be quite pricey. I love white teapots because it allows me to:

    - See the color and brilliance of the tea
    - Mix and match with antique, whimsical, and/or classic cups and saucers as well as plates to create many different looks with just one teapot
    - Flexibility to bring in other colors for the changing of seasons or my mood

    There are many white bone china teapots on the market. I have chosen the Best of the Best based on:

    - Shape
    - Embossing and/or textural elements
    - Accessory pieces in the line
    - Versatility
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