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Charles Scicolone: Wine Expert

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Charles Scicolone is a wine consultant, writer, and educator. For ten years, he was the wine director of I Trulli Restaurant and Enoteca, a restaurant and wine bar with an all Italian wine list, Vino an Italian wine and spirits shop, and the consultant for DVM Imports. I Trulli's wine list was highly praised by the New York Times, Wine Spectator, Food Arts, New York Magazine, Time Out, Departures, and many other publications. Charles and I Trulli were nominated by the James Beard Awards for outstanding wine service and wine list for six years running.

He has lectured on Italian wines for the Italian American Chamber of Commerce, the Region of Sicily, the Italian Trade Commission, the Westchester Italian Cultural Center, and the Smithsonian Institute.

Charles writes a wine and food column for i-ITALY website, co-sponsored by the Calandra Institute and the University of Rome at He is co-chair of the Wine Media Guild and develops wine lists for restaurants.
  • Best Italian White Wines
    Not so many years ago, many felt that Italian white wines lacked character and tasted too much alike. One of the reasons for the similarity was that many producers used the same type of yeast. There were always exceptions and today, the exceptions have become the rule. Innovations by northern Italian white winemakers, especially in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, have led the way to complex white wines that reflect both the grape variety and the “terroir”. One winemaker even cultivates his own natural yeasts in a special room.

    Today’s Italian whites can hold their own with white wines from anywhere in the world. There are traditional-style wines, modern-style wines, and some that are very innovative. The five wines listed below are examples of the best of Italian white wines today.
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  • Best Italian Red Wine
    How does one choose the best Italian red wines? To begin, I thought about wines I have tasted over the years that are consistently enjoyable. At the recent Gambero Rosso tasting in New York, I was able to taste many of these wines again and judge them side by side with others, both familiar and unfamiliar. Gambero Rosso is Italy’s most influential wine and food magazine and every year they hold their Three Glasses tasting, awarding the coveted “Three Glasses” (Tre Bicchieri), their highest wine award, to the wines they deem the best in Italy. It was an amazing array of Italian wines, and I was glad to be able to taste and compare them.

    Some of my choices are wines that I have been drinking for many years while others have been in the market only a short time and have quickly established a reputation for quality. Many have been favorites since my first trip to Italy in 1970. These are my top five choices:
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