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When you have young twins, there’s a tendency to buy two of everything especially when it comes to toys. And while it’s important for each twin to have individual items to call his very own, sometimes it just doesn’t make financial sense to buy two “big-ticket toys” (besides you may not have the room to store both)! But buying one plaything for twins to share can sometimes be tricky business as some toys (not to mention some twins) are just not conducive to sharing (think tricycle). To prevent squabbling or worse, a total twin tantrum, large toys need to have enough components to keep both parties happily occupied as well as enough space so your kids are not on top of each other. Furthermore, since toddler twins always seem to want what the other has, the most successful toys have two identical sections so impatient tots don’t have to wait to take a turn. The following list of Best Toys for Preschool Twins to Share fits the bill with plenty of options for your inquisitive doppelgängers.

Best Toddler Twin Toys by Christina Tinglof

The Best You Can Get

  • Step2 Lifestyle Grand Walk-In Kitchen

    Christina says: If only we all had kitchens this large! The Lifestyle Grand Walk-In Kitchen encourages multi-child play with two separate work stations — a cook top and grill on one side; a microwave, sink with swivel faucet, and refrigerator on the other — plus six feet of faux “granite” counters. Your young sous-chefs will love whipping up a batch of their favorite cookies using the state-of-the-art “stainless steel” appliances. The accessory set (included) keeps the action moving with a variety of play food and condiments, pots and pans, and utensils.

    • Sturdy poly construction that easily wipes clean
    • Plenty of built-in cabinets for extra storage
    • Realistic electronic sounding microwave, stove top, and phone
    • 103-piece accessory set plus 11-inch high counter stool included
    • 2007 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • KidKraft 101-Piece Deluxe Train Set

    Christina says: This KidKraft Deluxe Train Set includes plenty of track, trains, and accessories to keep the inquisitive of twins busy for hours. The great part about this toy is its versatility — the kids can change the design daily, if they want — plus, it’s a breeze to add on additional sets or single pieces using KidKraft or other brands so the kids can build a huge railroad dynasty that’s sure to take over their playroom! Purchase it with a train table and bins to keep things tidy (although my twins liked the freedom to build different configurations directly on the floor).

    • Made of durable smooth-sanded wood
    • Compatible with Thomas the Train and Brio sets
    • 101-piece set includes: a variety of tracks, trains, movable crane, molded mountain, bridge, train station, trees, and people
    • Easy assembly
    • Fits on 32-inch by 48-inch table top
  • Viola Wooden Work Bench

    Christina says: What kid doesn’t love to build things? The Viola Wooden Work Bench brings out the inner craftsmen in your twins with endless construction possibilities. Pint-size wooden tools and smoothly sanded wooden pieces including planks, nuts, bolts, nails, and screws encourage kids to work together or create fascinating structures of their very own. What makes this bench standout from all the others (besides its solid construction) are rows of holes on the workbench — perfect for pounding in nails! The only flaw to this toy? The set is a bit light on nails, screws, and planks — after all kids think and build big! But if you don’t mind spending a bit more, most other wooden hardware kits are compatible with this model.

    • All-wood construction
    • Great for kids ages 3 and up
    • Realistic, working vice
    • Tool belt that can be worn or attached to work bench
    • 50-piece accessory kit includes five tools, wooden nails, screws, bolts, and planks
  • Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tike Town

    Christina says: There’s a lot going on in Tike Town both inside and out — just what curious twins need to keep them busy for hours. This playhouse is great in so many ways from its large interior (the clubhouse is a whopping 55 by 49 inches; adults can easily play inside along with their kids) to its diversity of inter-active parts — shuttered drive-through window, gas pump, mail slot, basketball hoop, telephone, and ATM on the outside plus a kitchenette with table and chalkboard on the inside.

    • Made of sturdy molded plastic
    • Four themed walls: school house/fire house, gas station/bank, grocery store, and sports
    • Seven games included for sport-theme wall
    • Easy assembly
    • 2006 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award
  • Gym Dandy Teeter Totter

    Christina says: The Gym Dandy is a perfect toy for your twins to share as you can’t ride a see saw solo! No need to head to the playground as this well-built gem will make any backyard an instant hang out. And it’s easy on the eyes with it contemporary design and bold colors. Heck, you’ll be tempted to take it for a ride, too. And you can since it holds up to 300 pounds.

    • Durable steel tube frame and sealed ball bearings for a ultra smooth ride
    • Comfortable molded seat pads with rubber bumpers to reduce impact
    • Unique pendulum rocking and open suspension design
    • Two-year limited warranty
    • Model TT-220

You will be happy with any of these

  • Playhut Ultimate Playland

    Christina says: Kids love to crawl around and hide out in their own special fort. (Remember when we built them out of blankets?) With the Playhut Ultimate Playland your twins can create an über secret lair big enough for two (or more) with thirteen different structures including tunnels, huts, hoops, and tents. Children can work together building an infinite number of different configurations. The sport cubes mix things up a bit when your children are in the mood for a little bit of basketball or golf. Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

    • Durable polyester fabric
    • “Twist and fold” technology for easy set up and storage
    • 13 separate structures create more than 30 feet of tunnels
    • Accessories include basketballs, golf balls, soccer ball, and carrying case
  • KidKraft Deluxe Wooden Easel

    Christina says: Every budding artist needs an easel but not all are built for two. The Kidkraft Deluxe Wooden Easel does double duty with a chalkboard on one side, a dry erase board on the other offering a bit of artistic flexibility. But what I like best about this model (besides the sleek design and solid construction) is the large paper roll on top that easily rolls down on either side — perfect for when the mood to paint strikes both your twins at the same time.

    • Great for kids from 36 months and up
    • Sturdy, all-wood frame
    • Two anti-spill paint cups and easy-to-refill paper roll
    • Storage tray for markers and chalk
  • Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon

    Christina says: When it’s time to hit the trails, this wagon is the one to get. At more than 41-inches long, it’s huge — perfect for toting around both your twins and all their gear (but forget about stowing it in the trunk of a standard car, it’s just too big). And for those rare days when you have just one child to cart around, you’ll love this wagon’s versatility. Both seats fold down for a nap on the go or flip one seat down to use as an activity table. The twins themselves will love taking turns towing the other around the yard. They can, too, as this wagon turns on a dime. And get this — it holds up to 200 pounds! Radio Flyer has top-notch customer service, too.

    • Two fold-down seats with safety belts
    • Front axle with no-tip turning
    • Fold over handle for easy storing
    • UV protection canopy with Quick-Clip attachment system
    • Four cup holders: two for kids, two for parents
  • Haba Basic Building Blocks — Extra Large Starter Set

    Christina says: Every toy box should contain a set of building blocks as it encourages problem solving as well as ingenuity. Working independently or together, your twins will find these high-quality blocks perfect for constructing a palace, citadel, or even the Taj Mahal with a varied collection of sizes and styles including tower spires, domes, and columns.

    • Made of untreated but extra smooth beech wood
    • 102-piece set with carrying bag
    • Complete with 36-page booklet of building ideas
    • Compatible with Haba’s Ball Track Construction Set
    • Nominated for the 2008 Fat Brain Toy Awards
  • Step2 Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity Center

    Christina says: When a day at the beach is just not an option, this activity center is the next best thing. There’s plenty of elbow room for twins to flex their creative muscles as they build castles on the sand side of the center or splash around with toy boats on the water section. Several children can enjoy hours of cooperative play together as well as separate parallel play with this center. But be forewarned — the mess of wet sand everywhere can be hard for some parents to take! (But my twins thought that was half the fun.)

    • Secure cover keeps out rain and bugs when center is not in use
    • Great for kids from 24 months through 6 years
    • Two separate play areas: one side holds up to 2 gallons of water; the other 20 lbs. of sand (not included)
    • Center umbrella protects tender skin from the sun
    • Accessory pack includes boats, bridges, and shovels

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