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“Spray Windex on it!” is one of the most memorable lines from the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. It’s hilarious (and slightly scary) that the Greek paterfamilias so avidly prescribes Windex for topical use on... people, but it does also show how much we can be emotionally attached to the cleaning products we grew up with. So why not choose natural, earth- and body-friendly cleansers for ourselves and generations to come? Below, you’ll find products that not only deep-clean your house naturally...they also won’t hurt you if you happen to get some on your skin.

With the best eco friendly cleaning products, you and your family won't have to inhale all those nasty chemicals from regular cleaners. These best go green organic products also do a great job cleaning.

Best Non-toxic Household Cleaning Products by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Thieves Household Cleaner

    Candace says: Thieves is an all-purpose concentrate that you can use to clean everything from floors to windows to pots and pans. It’s infused with a delicious-smelling blend of the following 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils: clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

    • Antibacterial, naturally
    • Includes high-quality aromatherapeutic oils
    • Makes the house smell wonderful
    • Free of hazardous chemicals
  • Bon Ami Polishing Cleanser

    Candace says: This is an Ajax-type abrasive product that warms my heart for two reasons. When I was a child, my mother used to scrub the bathroom and the kitchen stovetop. As an adult, and mom to two little ones, I appreciate more than its nostalgia value - I love that it does the trick without chlorine, perfume, or dye.

    • Powder formulation rubs out stubborn stains
    • A great value
    • Free of chlorine, perfume, or dyes
  • Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Candace says: It’s a dirty job, and somebody does have to do it. No matter who cleans the toilet in your house, the job is made less onerous by Mrs. Meyers’ natural, good-smelling liquid that comes in a squirt bottle designed to nail the under-seat rim. Just squirt it on, wait five to ten minutes, and then scrub away (without getting a nose full of chemical stink).

    • Bottle designed to squirt up under the toilet ring
    • Choose from natural lavender, lemon verbena, or geranium scents
    • Tinted blue to show that you hit the target
  • Seventh Generation Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

    Candace says: Seventh Gen is an industry leader in the natural cleaning product category, and this item is a great example of what they do so well—provide effective, versatile workhorse products that not only replace old standbys - but improve on their performance. Their dishwasher soaps are great, too.

    • Vegetable-based
    • Biodegradable
    • Streak-free
    • Natural orange scent
  • PureAyre Odor Eliminator for Your Home

    Candace says: You can use this product to freshen a stale room, in a load of laundry, on drapes, or anything that came from somewhere else and brought with it, well, the smell of somewhere else. It actually breaks apart odor molecules on contact, instead of dressing them in another chemical odor deemed more desirable by an air freshener company. It also comes in formulations specifically geared towards pet, diaper, and marine odors. Refills available.

    • Gets rid of random stink without chemicals
    • Removes (not disguises) odors
    • Biodegradable
    • Not tested on animals
    • Removes stains

You will be happy with any of these

  • Ecover Cream Scrub

    Candace says: I love this product because, well, I used to really love Soft Scrub. It used to effectively do the trick without a lot of elbow grease on my part. Unfortunately, I didn’t love its chlorine bleach... so I switched to this scrub when I saw it. It has the same kind of gently abrasive texture without the nasty chemicals and residue.

    • Gently removes stains and gunk without scratching
    • Plant-based
    • Biodegradable
    • Chemical-free
  • BioKleen Citrus Soy Solvent

    Candace says: This natural product gently but effectively takes on the really hard-core jobs that would normally require a lot of scrubbing or a lot of chemicals.

    • Degreases and dissolves with soybean oil extract
    • Doesn’t irritate skin
    • Non-flammable and non-combustible
    • Removes tar, wax, resin, paint, and adhesives
  • Ecos Shower Kleener

    Candace says: Unlike the super-harsh shower cleaners we grew up with that could really give the tile-swabber one heck of a head rush, this shower and tub cleaner keeps the bathing area clean with yummy tea tree and lavender essential oils and ethanol, derived from corn.

    • Prevents hard water stains
    • Gets rid of soap scum
    • Cleans glass, tile, and fixtures
  • Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

    Candace says: Say goodbye the chemical-laden, rainbow-hued dishwashing liquids of the past...there are a wide array of effective natural dishwashing liquids, and Planet is one of my favorites. It’s unscented, should you prefer not to use a dish soap with fragrance. The company recommends squirting a small amount in your sink-full of soaking dishes, taking a sponge to them, and then giving them a good rinse. This both saves water and makes sure that you get the most bang for your dish soap buck.

    • Ultra-concentrated
    • Can be used for other purposes (works as a fruit and vegetable wash or even a bubble bath)
    • Safe on crystal
    • Cuts grease
  • BioShield Vinegar Cleaner (No. 76)

    Candace says: BioShield is best known for its line of no-VOC paints, but it also has a great line of natural home cleaners. Vinegar is a favorite of the very admirable make-your-own-cleaner set (I’m not a member... yet) and so if you want to experience a vinegar-based cleaner before mixing one up, this is a nice gateway product.

    • Removes calcium deposits
    • Cleans appliance surfaces
    • Leaves surfaces feeling squeaky clean

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The best eco friendly cleaning products ensure you're helping keep the environment clean for the next generations. These best go green organic products are made to clean as well as the chemical-laden ones but you have the added comfort of knowing these eco products won't pollute your family. Choose these best home cleaning green products for a clean home today and a better environment tomorrow.