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It sounds like it should be a musical instrument, but a mandoline is actually a fantastic slicing tool that is a must-have in any professional or residential kitchen. This utensil is a compact hand operated slicing machine with various adjustable blades. You can make fine julienne vegetables for spring rolls, shred cabbage for cole slaw, and slice paper-thin radishes for salads. Slice potatoes for fresh chips or French fries. Vegetables for the grill just got easy. Adjust the blade depth to cut thick or thin. Not only can it make all the necessary cuts that take years to develop with a knife, it allows you to quickly produce a quantity for a bbq or a dinner party.

There are many different looking mandolines, but they fall into only two categories. The basic French always has a base that elevates it at an angle for downward cutting motion. This mandoline is partially or all stainless steel. The second is the Japanese. Still a high quality-cutting utensil but is made from plastic and does not have an elevated base or safety guards. The Japanese mandoline is usually less expensive.

A mandoline can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Use all protective guards and make sure the mandoline is secure on the counter before each use. The same caution is applied when cleaning, be careful not to have it slip from your hand.

Here are my “cutting edge” choices for the Best of the Best Mandolines.

Buy the best mandolines and life gets so much easier in the kitchen. We offer mandoline reviews for the best mandoline slicers for making fresh potato chips, vegetables for grilling and other thick and thin cut foods.

Best Mandolines by Scott Leibfried

The Best You Can Get

  • Bron Mandolin with Pusher

    Scott says: Bron Mandolin is the ultimate professional kitchen tool. This is the one found in most professional kitchens, and I have one in my home. It is completely stainless steel and machine washable. Makes all the necessary cuts with out any changing of blades. Simply change the direction of the mandoline to change the cuts. It comes with all the necessary guards and all cutting edges are perfectly sharp.

    • Professional unit
    • Completely stainless steel
  • Shun Mandoline

    Scott says: This is the offspring of the Shun knife collection using the same steel for the blades. The cutting guard slides on a rail to prevent any slipping and is curved to cut delicate fruit. This is simply one of the best.

    • Hand washing suggested
    • Adjusting spring keeps food close to the blade
    • Slicing and julienne blades included
  • La Mandoline with Accessories

    Scott says: This is a French made mandoline that is very close to a professional kitchen model. This is my pick for durability and versatility. It makes all the necessary cuts, has safety guards, a grooved surface so food doesn’t stick to the cutting plate, and five interchangeable blades. This mandoline is the best quality for the inexpensive price.

    • Highest quality that is affordable
    • Authentic French style
  • De Buyer Mandoline

    Scott says: This is an authentic French mandoline that slices, cuts, and juliennes quickly and safely. Slightly smaller that many other styles and it folds up to fit in a drawer with the rest of the utensils. Made from stainless steel and polymer composite, this unit come is an eye-appealing red.

    • Authentic French cutting ability
    • Sold in red
  • Super Benriner Mandoline

    Scott says: Made by Joyce Chen, this is the best mandoline for slicing and chopping for stir-fry and salads. This mandoline comes with four blades. This unit has a flat blade for slicing and three julienne blades that are of different thickness. Many professionals use this mandoline daily.

    • Great for slicing lemons for water or ice tea
    • Consistent cuts for even cooking

You will be happy with any of these

  • OXO Mandoline

    Scott says: This is a straight cutting blade for even slicing. This also has a turn dial for cutting thickness and has julienne settings. The stainless steel cutting blade has a safety cover to protect when not using. The folding legs have a no slip surface.

    • Cuts a huge verity of cuts, shapes, and thicknesses
    • Textured slicing base keeps food from sticking
  • Chef’n Sleek Slice Collapsible Hand-Held Mandoline

    Scott says: Great for cutting delicate fruits and hearty vegetables. Adjustable base to change the thickness of your cuts. Easily fold up to fit in a drawer or tight space.

    • Dishwasher safe
    • Plastic base with stainless steel blades
  • Zyliss 4-In-1 Multi Slicer, Grater

    Scott says: A very basic tool with all of the slicing options. This mandoline also has a grating attachment for cheeses. Safety guards included, easily folds and fits into a drawer.

    It is similar to the Japanese model, buts does not have an elevated stand.

    • Comes with cheese grating attachments
    • Dishwasher safe
  • OXO V Slicer Mandoline

    Scott says: Crinkle and waffle cut vegetables and potatoes are fun for kids to eat. The thickness and cutting style can be easily adjusted by turning a dial. The blade forms a V at the cutting base for beginner cutting. A smart design feature protects fingers while cutting.

    • Comfort grip handle and easy to use
    • Stainless steel blades are easy to remove and clean
  • Alligator Onion Chopper

    Scott says: This mandoline was designed for chopping vegetables. If spaghetti and meatballs is a tradition, this will cut the time of chopping the onions to nothing. Chicken vegetables soup just got easy. Simple design with no attachments and less sharp edges to be cautious of.

    • Includes cleaning device to remove food from the grid
    • Designed for dicing

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