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In this review, there were many hybrids to choose from, each claiming to be the best. There are only so many physical aspects that a designer can manipulate - so they all focus on principles like moment of inertia [MOI], center of gravity [COG], and coefficient of restitution [COR] using computers to test their design. But in the last analysis, no matter how good the technical design is, it comes down to two questions: Does the club fit you and which clubs are the best?

The first question is answered during the fitting process, the second question is the topic of this review.

Time to Go Hybrid

Hybrids are much easier to hit than long irons and big-headed fairway so if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to go “hybrid�.

What is a Hybrid?

A hybrid is just that – it’s a combination of an iron and a wood. But not all hybrids are the same. Some are more like irons with flat faces while others have some bulge or roll on the face. Some have fade build in, while others have a bias for the draw. The length of the shaft is shorter than a wood but longer [a half to one inch] than a long iron.

A hybrid gives you a higher trajectory and more distance on your long shots. And they are easier to hit out of bad lies.

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Best Hybrid Golf Clubs by T. J. Tomasi

The Best You Can Get

  • Cobra - King Cobra Baffler

    T. says: Cobra calls its hybrids Bafflers and according to Golf Datatech, the most respected tracker in the golf industry, Cobra had the best selling utility metals in 2007.

    Cobra is a serious company which has their customers in mind all the way. As a teacher, nothing is more annoying then to hear "they don't make that for women" - well Cobra does.

  • Callaway - Fusion FT-Hybrids

    T. says: Callaway’s early attempts at making a good rescue club were not up to their usual standards but in 2007 they improved the product dramatically. The results from 2008 will be interesting as Callaway, after investing millions of research dollars will launch their new “adjustable shaft” technology.

  • Ping - G10 Hybrid

    T. says: Ping was one of the first major companies to stress the importance of being properly fitted for your clubs. And they have one of the best websites where you can plug in some personal data and receive feedback as to what your specs should be. It's worth a visit.

  • Taylor Made - R 7 Rescues

    T. says: Most golfers leave their hybrids to the right [left for left handers] but these hybrids are designed to prevent that. TaylorMade has done a nice job solving this problem but if you're a low ball hitter, you may hit it even lower with a draw bias. This is where their club fitting service can help you.

  • Nickent - 4DX Ironwood

    T. says: Nickent developed the technology that fuses a light weight titanium crown to a steel body. They believe multi-material hybrids are the wave of the future and so far, considering the level of playability, they seem to be right on track.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Adams Golf - Idea a3 BOXER

    T. says: Adams is an innovator and its trademarked Boxer Technology™ proves once again that shape matters. A very reliable company that will not only talk to you if you call, but they’ll also listen and then do something helpful. Now that’s a novel business concept.

  • Pure Spin Sports - Diamond Face Hybrid

    T. says: Each hybrid is closed one degree to promote a draw. There is not a lot different about this club but it is well made and inexpensive - a nice combination that makes it a great starter hybrid.

  • Innovex - Type S Hybrids

    T. says: The key feature is a design that makes adjusting from an iron to a hybrid a smooth transition, so you can leave out your big headed fairway metals and long irons and have a seamless transition from hybrids to the 7-iron on up.

  • Tour Edge - The GeoMax

    T. says: This is a company that supports their product with a lifetime warranty that includes graphite shaft breakage! You break it, they replace it.

  • The Perfect Club

    T. says: In 2002, they introduced The Perfect Club® and over two hundred thousand have been sold. Invented by Peter Kessler who was smart enough to realize that the average player needs to maximize distance and accuracy via solid contact. His secret: Shorter Shaft = Solid Contact so at 39 inches he's designed - The Perfect Club.

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