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If you own more than one rod, you need a rod rack for your vehicle and a rod rack for your house. If you don’t own more than one rod, read my article on this site about the best rods. You need to buy yourself some more rods. If you don’t carry your rods properly or store them smartly, you’ll end up with tangled lines and broken rods. If you own more than one rod, start shopping for a rod rack and organizer. Here are superb organizers for the car and house to get you going.

Best Fishing Rod Racks and Organizers by Mark D. Williams

The Best You Can Get

  • Thule’s Castaway Rooftop Rod Carrier

    Mark says: This is one weird-looking exterior combination carrier – part plastic box, part rack. Thule is well-known for car carriers for bikes, skis, and other things you put atop your car and soon, because of clever design of this carrier, they might be known for an angling carrier, too.

    I like that this rack allows anglers to keep the reel on the rod and this carrier can carry several combos at one time. The box is deep enough to house your largest conventional gear, including your big bass outfit, surf rods, big-game rods, spinning gear, even fly rods and fly reels.

    • Box bottom is padded as an added safeguard
    • Locks so you can secure and protect your rods and reels
    • Aerodynamic design
    • Car/truck use
  • Rodmounts RodLoft PRO™ Rod Holder

    Mark says: You know how you think of something that someone should invent, perhaps even thinking that someone might be you (leading to wealth and retirement) only to find out that someone else has indeed invented it? This rod holder is something my fishing buddy talked about inventing last summer while in northern New Mexico. Boy, is he gonna be disappointed.

    For years, I used an Orvis magnetic removable rod rack but my latest vehicle’s top isn’t metal so I began to transport my rod and reel from one place on the river to another by just slipping the combo in from the back. I broke a rod-tip because it’s just a dumb way to carry your rod. The Rodmounts Rodloft creates an organizing system inside your car with five interchangeable mounting options. These neoprene foam-core rod holders can be attached just about anywhere in any vehicle. This interior holder takes advantage of your windows with suction cups, hangers for hooks and bars, and more.

    • Holds up to six rods
    • Security straps for extra protection
    • Removable foam inserts accommodate all rod sizes from lightweight fly tackle to heavy-duty surf equipment
    • Car/truck use
  • SporTube Double Haul

    Mark says: The only drawback is that this exterior carrier holds only two rods but to its credit, it holds two fully-assembled flyrods. The SporTube Double Haul is convenient, easy to load in two rods and can be easily disassembled to store. If you’re one of those anglers who moves up and down the river to locate prime spots or visits several rivers on a single trip, this is the carrier for you. Magnetic pedestal included.

    • High-density polyethylene plastic protects 2 fully assembled 9-foot fly rods and reels
    • Lightweight, strong, and durable
    • Fully-adjustable hard-shell fly rod case that mounts and locks to most roof racks
    • Car/truck use
  • Professor Bodkin Onstream Rod Carrier

    Mark says: The rods bungee cord to each of the two t-pedestals; one holds the tip, the other holds the rod butt. At first glance, you’d swear these will fly off when you get up to fifty-five miles per hour but they are secure and safe. Incredibly easy to use.

    Simply-constructed, practical and relatively inexpensive, the Professor Bodkin Onstream Rod Carrier is versatile enough to hold everything from full-assembled trout rods to loaded spey rod and reels. Because so many vehicles now have gotten rid of metal roofs and hoods, making the magnetic holders ineffective, in comes the vacuum version.

    • Exterior non-permanent rod carrier accepts four rods
    • T-pedestal design, (base and crossbar) quick and easy to attach to your vehicle, quick and easy to remove
    • Offers both magnetic and vacuum-based pedestals
    • Car/truck use

You will be happy with any of these

  • StowAway LT Swingaway Rod Rack

    Mark says: Attention surf fishers. Here is a rack that is as essential as your dozen surf rods and your favorite lures. This rod rack is so ingenious and utilitarian, an angler must have designed it. The rack swings out from the vehicle and pivots up to 180 degrees, holding a combination of rods and coolers, up to six rods and two coolers. With unsightly front-mounted holders, your view is obstructed but not so with this rear carrier.

    • Frame swings out for complete access to the rear of your vehicle
    • Hitch rod rack holds up to six rods and two coolers
    • Remove the rod racks and use the cargo rack for family vacations and camping trips
    • Holds 125 pounds of gear with five-year warranty; designed for use with any Class II (1.25 inch) hitch receiver
    • Car/truck use
  • Cabela’s 10-Rod, 3-Drawer Rack with Utility Storage

    Mark says: You can’t just leave your rod-and-reel outfits strewn about the house. It’s unsightly and your rods are in danger of getting damaged. Go with a rod organizer to keep them safe and secure. Here’s a rod stand that is great for your recreation room, garage, library/study, or cabin. Value for your buck, this is a solid, low-cost organizer with three sizeable drawers for your reels, tools, and line and six slots for 3700 utility boxes so you can store all those valuable lures.

    • Holds up to ten rods
    • Oak veneer
    • Hold several big utility boxes
    • Home storage
  • Rolling Fishing Rod Rack

    Mark says: Keep your lures and lines from getting tangled, keep your rods safe from breakage in this rolling rack that holds up to twelve rods or fewer if you want to keep the reels attached. The rack comes with a big drawer, a side-pocket and three handy hooks. Assembly required.

    • Stores up to twelve rods securely upright
    • Bottom drawer organizes lures and supplies
    • Bonus side pocket and three hooks keep all your fishing gear handy
    • Glides smoothly on casters
    • Home storage
  • Bass Pro Shops Round Swivel Rod Rack

    Mark says: This carousel rod rack is super for corners. If you like to store your rods without reels, you can store an amazing twenty-four rods on this organizer. The soft rubber rod grips hold the rods without scratching them. Not many anglers own twenty-four rods, so this is an ideal way to show to the world that you mean business. Some assembly required.

    • Holds up to 24 rods
    • Oak finish
    • Ball-bearing swivel base
    • Home storage
  • Browning Fishing Rolling Rod Rack

    Mark says: Here’s a good-looking rod-holder with lockable rolling casters that is a cut above other racks in looks and detailing. The selling point of this rack is that not only does it hold fourteen rods, but it holds fourteen rods with reels. A full-width drawer holds reels, tackle, tools and other gadgets. Some assembly required.

    • Rolling casters
    • Holds fourteen rods with reels attached
    • Natural oak
    • Home storage

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