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With so many electronic gadgets available today it is no wonder we are all tangled up! Most households are plugging in and charging at least one cell phone at the end of the day. And when you add PDAs, MP3 players, and digital cameras into the mix, that’s a whole lotta cords!

Despite the fact that more and more things are going wireless, it seems that we’re connecting more objects to more cords than ever before. Seeing a jumble of cords snake its way across a floor or surface is one of my organizing pet peeves! The visual clutter never fails to draw attention to itself, on top of the fact that all those wires can be a tripping hazard.

We rely on all these devices to function at a moment’s notice, so they need to be accessible and reliable. Carrying on a cell phone conversation is difficult when the battery hasn’t been fully charged. And how can you capture life’s important moments when you can’t even find your digital camera? Looking after your electronic belongings just makes sense – especially when you’ve invested a fair amount of money in them.

One of the best systems for managing your collection of electronic gadgets is a charging station. Relatively new to the organizing world, the charging station was born out of a need to store and charge several devices while controlling and minimizing the cord jungle that comes with the territory.

Establishing a designated space for a household charging station can eliminate last minute searches and lost gadgets. When you put things in the same place at the end of each day, you won’t have to go on a mission to find them the next morning. Even if your devices aren’t in need of a charge, storing them in the station (without plugging them in) is a great way to stick to this routine.

When it comes to finding the ideal charging station for your household, first determine how many items you’ll need to charge. It may make sense for each family member to have their own station, depending on how many gadgets each person owns. Aside from this, the style of your charging station is really a matter of personal taste and available space.

One last tip to keep in mind – you don’t have to charge your gadgets every single day. Doing so is actually bad for the battery since overcharging shortens its life. The heat generated by charging is what does the damage; so once your devices are fully charged, unplug them.

The best charge station comes in handy when you have all the usual electronic gadgets from PDAs to MP3 players. We suggest the best battery charger that keeps all the cords organized.

Best Charging Stations by Vicki Norris

The Best You Can Get

  • KangaRoom – Wall Mountable Phone, PDA Charging Station

    Vicki says: The future is here! A contemporary take on the charging station results in this slick unit from KangaRoom. All the hard work happens behind a sleek sliding door; load your gadgets – it can take up to three – in the top and plug their cords into the 10” power strip hidden behind the slider. Cords are efficiently swept away while your snazzy gadgets remain in sight. If you don’t have surface space, this unit can be mounted to the wall for even more space saving.

    • Choose your favorite color from black, navy, or white
    • Constructed of glossy acrylic
    • Capable of charging up to three items
  • Pottery Barn – Bedford Smart Recharge Station

    Vicki says: Recharge your gadgets while revitalizing your counter space! Perfect for the kitchen or home office, the Bedford Smart Recharge Station from Pottery Barn will streamline your surfaces with modern style and grace. It has enough room to charge four electronic plug-ins simultaneously and provides an additional drawer and shelf for storage. But its real ‘smarts’ come from the way the cords thread through the back and magically disappear from sight!

    • Stylish and functional
    • Available in five colors – black, red, antique white, espresso stain, or antique honey stain
  • Levenger – Morgan Charger Valet

    Vicki says: Eliminate the cord jungle and create a more civilized environment. The leather Morgan Charger Valet from Levenger is an attractive way to tame multiple electronics and the cords and accessories that accompany them. There’s enough space to charge four devices at the same time while their cords are controlled behind closed doors. There’s even a small drawer underneath (a good place for your gadget instruction manuals) and a few slots at the back of the unit for a notepad and a few pens or pencils.

    • Comes with a 6-outlet surge protector
    • Felt bottom protects surface
    • Available in tan or black leather
  • KangaRoom – Travel Charging Station

    Vicki says: Don’t get stuck with an uncharged battery on the road! Make packing and traveling a breeze with this travel charging station. With enough room for an eight-outlet surge protector, it can store and charge up to seven devices at the same time. Carry all of your electronic devices (cell phone, PDA, MP3 player and digital camera) and travel cords in one handy case. When you arrive at your destination, you don’t even need to unpack! Just plug in the one power strip cord and your devices will be recharged and refreshed in no time. There’s even a sturdy hook to hang the case in your hotel room.

    • Six pockets for additional storage
    • Opens flat for easy access
    • Comes in red, green, black, yellow, and gray
  • Target – Crosley 3-Bay Charging Station

    Vicki says: More than just a place to recharge, the Crosley Charging Station is almost like having your own personal valet! It’s perfect for a home office or busy kitchen. This charging station will take care of three devices and provide you with a place for your wallet, keys and any other small but important items you travel with each day. There’s no need for ‘the junk drawer’ when you’ve got places for these things. When you have one place for loading and unloading each day you’ll prevent “surface abuse” and save time searching!

    • Sturdy construction with sleek black finish

You will be happy with any of these

  • Pottery Barn – Bento Smart Storage

    Vicki says: Who knew charging your gadgets could be so chic? Bento boxes, those stylish lacquered boxes reminiscent of Japanese cuisine storage, have been reinvented for the technological age. Divided into two sections, the Bento Smart Storage station from Pottery Barn is so pretty it will become part of your décor. The top part of the box is where your devices sit while being charged. Their wires feed through holes to the bottom where they plug into a concealed power strip.

    • Jewel-box like hinged lid
    • Available in navy or white
    • Power strip included
  • Pottery Barn Teen – Smart Charging Station

    Vicki says: The techno-savvy kids of today might be the ones who will benefit most from a charging station since teens are prone to misplace things! Let them take responsibility for their devices and they’ll learn the importance of looking after their own belongings. And with enough room to plug in seven electronic devices at the same time, there’s more than enough space for the latest and greatest in technology… whatever it may be this month!

    • Comes in two fun designs – green bubbles or black digital
    • Built-in power strip with seven three-prong outlets
    • Can be personalized
  • KangaRoom – 2 Pod Charging Station

    Vicki says: Good things charge in small packages. Here’s a smaller station for those who may be looking for a more discreet solution. The two-pod charging station from KangaRoom will let you power up two devices at once – whether it’s a cell phone, digital camera, PDA, or MP3 player. With great value like this, you can buy one for yourself and a few more to give as gifts.

    • Choose from lime, black, or cherry faux leather
    • Cords are hidden at the back
    • Mail or notepaper slot at the back
  • The Container Store – Power Station

    Vicki says: Great for a man’s closet or dresser top, the masculine-looking Power Station is the answer to multiple recharging in one convenient location. Load it up with your PDA, cell phone, and MP3 player at the end of each day to make sure they’re ready to go the next morning. Devices sit in adjustable spacers while charging and the unit comes with a hidden power strip and built-in circuit breaker.

    • Made of tough plastic
    • Neutral black finish blends into multiple spaces
  • Storables – Cell Phone Station

    Vicki says: Streamlined and straightforward, the Storables Cell Phone Station can handle more than it advertises… a PDA, MP3 player, or digital camera will fit just as nicely in the slots as a cell phone. The modern black leather design will bring elegance to the office, bedroom, kitchen, or entry way. The label holders are a stylish touch that you can customize for each device or to denote each family member’s docking bay.

    • Comes with a removable tray for small items like keys or loose change
    • Black leather-look construction with contrasting white stitching

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